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Ruined Well Concept

This concept art was created in Photoshop, from which I will then model both high and low poly versions. This design has had the honour of featuring in an advert for DAVE school, recreated in 3D by one of their students. The full page ad is in the latest issues of 3D World, 3D Artist and Imagine FX.

The idea is that the well appears old and ruined, but has been used for a long time by an alien race as an entrance to their base. The well hole will have a lift fitted to it, their futuristic technology will be augmented with the ancient architecture of the well. Pieces of their technology will be seen running up the pillars, with clamps digging into the brick. From a distance this will just look like our everyday infrastructure technology. I am currently working on the concept art for this sci-fi element of the design, so it is not shown here.

I like this notion as it allows me to work with two genres, sci-fi and fantasy, and giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills. It'll allow me to model hard and organic objects and utilize the following maps: colour, normal, specular, gloss, parallax, alpha, emissive and reflection. I also plan to use vertex blending, decals and create LODs.

Ruined Well Concept Art


Ruined Well Concept



Ruined Well Sci-Fi Lift Concept Art

Sci-Fi Lift



This is a stylized castle concept, created for 2nd World Studios, based on an isometric layout..




This was a piece of promotional art that I was commisioned to produce for the band Amnesiacs